SLK Multi-Matrix KD™

Wire Basket Adapter

L-Bracket Adapter, Steel

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True Precise Biomechanical Function:
The SLK Multi-Matrix Knee replicates the natural leg shortening during swing phase providing the Amputee with a proper swing phase for a “no limp” gait. State of the art Pneumatics require extremely low energy expenditure for end-of-the-day stamina. Additionally, the SLK Multi-Matrix KD model is the only Microprocessor Knee in the world designed specifically for the biomechanical needs of Knee Disarticulation patients. Cosmetic evenness in the sitting position is impossible with any other Microprocessor Knee.

Self-Learning “Blank Slate” Technology:
The SLK Multi-Matrix Knee utilizes the very advanced “Blank Slate” Technology. The Knee has been programmed to reproduce what gait is but not yet what the Amputee’s individual gait pattern is. The prosthetist simply selects the preferred “Matrix,” out of 5 total, the knee then programs itself as the Amputee walks, and continues updating itself as the Amputee’s gait progresses.

The Function of the Microprocessor:
The SLK Multi-Matrix provides 2 types of sensors. One sensor measures the precise flexion/extension speed and angle. The other sensor, a 3-Dimensional gyroscopic sensor, detects the acceleration/deceleration of even the slightest movements in any direction in space. Instantly gathering data from this dual sensor system enables the Microprocessor to accurately recreate natural biomechanical gait based on the unique walking pattern of each Amputee. Contrary to other MPKs, the Self-Learning Knee (SLK) will forever continue adjusting to the progression in the Amputee’s gait.


  • SLK – Self Learning Knee, One-Step programming
  • Polycentric Shortening in swing phase
  • Inherent Stability through stance phase
  • 3 different models (proximal attachments)
  • Intelligent True Variable Cadence
  • Ultra-light Graphite Construction
  • Precise adjustability of Stance Flexion stability
  • Trouble-free low-cost maintenance
  • Smooth Pneumatic “Hydraulic-like” function
  • Proven durability & dependability

SLK Multi-Matrix KD in sitting position




Stock Number TGK-5PS10MTX
Suggested L Codes L5856,  L5828,  L5845,  L5848

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Knee Weight 43 oz 1220 g
Patient Weight Limit 275 lb 120 kg
Pylon Diameter 30 mm
Knee Center to Top of Knee 3/4 in 2.0 cm
Knee Center to Most Distal End 9-1/8 in 23.2 cm
Pylon Housing from Most Distal End 1-3/8 in 3.5 cm
Knee Center to Top of Pylon 7-11/16 in 19.5 cm
Knee Center to Knee Cap at 90° Flexing 1-1/4 in 3.2 cm
Knee comes with 1 Year Full Warranty Optional 3 Year Extended Warranty
available for +10% of cost