Stealth MPK™

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stealth_logoThe technology for the THK-5PS0MPK works like an ultra fast 3D gyroscope which instantly detects the knee positioning in space and reacts by providing through its microprocessor the optimum extension flexion resistance while walking down an incline or stairs.Select on the DAW website a predetermined set of parameters from a menu according to patient weight, level of activity, muscle strength, and preferred activities. Then tweak the parameters to reach that perfect natural gait that everyone hopes for but cannot quite reach.


  • MPK with pinpoint programmable gait accuracy
  • Advanced Pneumatics with extremely high flexion resistance
  • 5-bar stability, fully adjustable stance flexion
  • Full range adjustable geometric stance control
  • Trouble free low maintenance
  • Proven durability and dependability
  • Fully programmable centrode (PC)
  • Recordable gait data for seamless Bluetooth transfer to another Stealth MPK



Stock Number THK-5PS0MPK
Suggested L Codes L5856,  L5828,  L5845,  L5848

The suggested L-Codes, reimbursements, and knee costs are shown for illustration and comparative purposes only. While DAW Industries believes the suggested L-Codes to be consistent with the current policies of the DMERCs, it must be understood that only appropriate authorized officials of the DMERCs are qualified to interpret their policies and practices. Accordingly DAW does not warrant, nor does it take responsibility for the validity of the information presented here, nor for the actions of any DMERC or other entity with regard to reimbursement or any other issue. DAW also recognizes that practitioners’ costs for professional services and related overheads far exceed the costs shown herein. Nothing contained herein should be construed to contradict that obvious fact. All data is subject to change without notice.




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Top of knee connectors & Alignment Systems (Type “T” Knees)
More connectors
Pylons (Ø 30mm)
Foam Covers
Skin and other finishings




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Knee Weight 34.1 oz 967 g
Patient Weight Limit 275 lbs 124 kg
Pylon Diameter 30 mm
Knee Center to Top of Knee 3/4 in 1.9 cm
Knee Center to Most Distal End 8-5/8 in 21.9 cm
Pylon Housing from Most Distal End 1-3/8 in 3.5 cm
Knee Center to Top of Pylon 6-1/4 in 15.8 cm
Knee Center to Knee Cap at 90° Flexing 1-1/4 in 3.2 cm
Maximum Flex Angle 159°
Knee comes with 1 Year Full Warranty Optional 3 Year Extended Warranty
available for +10% of cost


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